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Submarine Command (1951): Download Magnet Link WORK

Submarine Command (1951): Download Magnet Link ===


Submarine Command (1951): A War Film That Explores Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Submarine Command is a 1951 American war film directed by John Farrow and starring William Holden, Nancy Olson, William Bendix, and Darryl Hickman. It is notable for being one of the first films to touch on post traumatic stress disorder, a psychological condition that affects many veterans of war. The film follows the story of Lieutenant Commander Ken White, who commands the submarine USS Tiger Shark during World War II and struggles with feelings of personal guilt after losing his friend and captain in a dive order on the last day of the war. The film also depicts the challenges of adjusting to civilian life and coping with marital problems, as well as the outbreak of the Korean War and a new mission that tests White's leadership and courage.

The film was produced by Joseph Sistrom and written by Jonathan Latimer, based on his own story. William Holden invested $20,000 of his own money into the film, as he was interested in exploring the psychological aspects of war. The film received mixed reviews from critics, some of whom praised its realism and sensitivity, while others criticized its melodrama and lack of action. The film was also a modest box office success, earning $1 million in US rentals.

If you are interested in watching this film, you can download it from the magnet link below. However, please be aware that downloading copyrighted content may be illegal in your country and we do not endorse or encourage piracy. We recommend that you watch the film legally from a licensed source.

Magnet link: magnet:xt=urn:btih:0a9f4b9c8f4c4d9e9f9e8f9f8f9f8f9f8f9f8f9f&dn=Submarine+Command+%281951%29&

The film features some realistic scenes of submarine warfare and operations, as well as some impressive special effects for its time. The submarine used in the film was actually the USS Tang, which had a remarkable record of sinking enemy ships during World War II, but was tragically sunk by its own torpedo in 1944. The film also pays tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of the submarine crews who risked their lives in the depths of the ocean.

The film also explores the psychological impact of war on the veterans and their families, as well as the difficulties of readjusting to civilian life. Holden gives a nuanced performance as White, who suffers from nightmares, flashbacks, and guilt over his decision to dive. He also faces resentment from Bendix, who blames him for the captain's death, and misunderstanding from Olson, who tries to support him but feels neglected. The film shows how White gradually overcomes his trauma and regains his confidence and self-respect.

Submarine Command is a film that deserves more recognition and appreciation for its portrayal of the human side of war. It is a film that shows how war can affect not only the physical but also the mental and emotional well-being of those who participate in it. It is also a film that celebrates the courage and honor of the submarine service and its contribution to the victory of World War II. 248dff8e21


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