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Scratchboard For Illustration Free Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

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Scratchboard For Illustration Free Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

In this course, learn how to depict nature with precision using the scratchboard technique. Rediscover illustration as a tool for interpreting nature, teaching about its species, and presenting scientific data in a way that everyone can understand: art.

Next, learn about how naturalist illustration began as a discipline and how it differs from scientific illustration. Discover why the scratchboard technique is one of Julia's favorites and all the creative possibilities it has to offer. Then, review the basic tools and materials used in scratchboarding, learn how to make a homemade board, and practice different strokes with some scratching exercises.

She currently works as a freelance illustrator and teaches scientific and naturalist illustration. She has created illustrations for scientific studies, informative publications, undergraduate and postgraduate theses, and educational materials including images for three illustrated guides on mammals from South America and around the world. 1e1e36bf2d


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