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Buy Oxygen Bar

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Beautifully designed, our commercial oxygen bars can be extremely profitable to own. Using a home oxygen bar on a regular basis could help fight off fatigue, energize, and give you better health and wellness of your mind, body and soul. The Zen-Station is a full health and wellness system that offers oxygen therapy, aroma therapy, color therapy, and audio therapy all in one light-weight and portable oxygen bar unit! The combination of these four therapies can help you meditate, relieve stress, relax and so much more!

Airheads oxygen bars are being purchased by tanning salons, hair salons and nail salons, as well as spas, health clubs, and resorts on 5 continents! Nightclubs, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, airports, ski chalets, smoke shops, vape shops, and tattoo parlors are now providing oxygen bars for recreation and entertainment.

Oxygen bars are the conversation piece of every corporate and social event that we service. Existing service business owners such as caterers and event planners are purchasing our oxygen bar equipment to generate additional income streams and offer their clientele something different. They know that since Airheads is an oxygen bar manufacturer, they are purchasing wholesale oxygen bars and they are not going to get a better deal on oxygen bar equipment anywhere!

Health conscience people know that our home oxygen bar (AKA the Zen-Station Multi-Therapy System) will give them oxygen therapy, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and sound therapy which are all major contributors in maintaining personal wellness and keeping a good feeling of well-being.

In an older study from 1990, researchers surveyed 30 participants with chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder (COPD) who used oxygen therapy over several months. The majority of participants reported an improvement in well-being, alertness, and sleep patterns.

Administering oxygen to people admitted to the hospital with acute illnesses is a long-held standard practice. However, a study published in 2018 in The Lancet found evidence that oxygen therapy may increase the risk of death when given liberally to people with acute illness and trauma.

The scents used are delivered by bubbling the oxygen through liquid containing either an oil-free, food-grade additive or an aroma oil such as an essential oil. Inhaling oily substances can potentially lead to a serious inflammation of the lungs, known as lipoid pneumonia.

The scents used in scented oxygen can also be harmful to some people, especially those with lung diseases. According to the Lung Association, the chemicals in scents and even those made from natural plant extracts can cause allergic reactions that can range from mild to severe.

A cannula, which is a flexible tube that splits into two small prongs, fits loosely around your head and the prongs rest just inside the nostrils to deliver the oxygen. Once turned on, you breathe normally and relax.

When choosing an oxygen bar, cleanliness should be your first priority. Look for a clean facility and ask about their sanitizing process. Improperly sanitized tubing can contain bacteria and mold that can be harmful. Tubing should be exchanged after each user.

If you have a respiratory or vascular condition, oxygen bars could be harmful and should be avoided. Checking with your doctor before using an oxygen bar is a good idea if you have other medical concerns.

People have known about the therapeutic properties of oxygen for a long time now, but only in the last few decades oxygen therapy established itself as an extremely popular way of promoting, restoring or maintaining good health. Indeed, it is no longer a problem to find an oxygen bar(also known as an O2 bar) or medical oxygen supplier location across the U.S and relax in a comfortable atmosphere while your body receives the boost of oxygen.

If you are looking for surprising ways to take your event to the next level, Summit Oxygen, Inc. offers oxygen bar catering services throughout the Summit County, CO


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