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Fundamentals Of Thermal Fluid Sciences 3rd Solution [EXCLUSIVE]


Fundamentals Of Thermal Fluid Sciences 3rd Solution [EXCLUSIVE]

Jaswon, M.A. and Symm, G.T.Integral Equation Methods in Potential Theory and Elastostatics1977Academic PressLondon278 ppISBN: 0 12 381050 7Integral equations, as the authors of this book demonstrate, providedistinctive formulations of the fundamental boundary-value problems ofpotential theory and elastostatics. These formulations often yieldeffective solutions which fall beyond the scope of other approaches.This monograph on the subject brings together theory and practice andincludes much previously unpublished material. The first part of thevolume gives a very clear description of the theory of integralequations in potential theory and elastostatics, provinding, as one ofits features, the first unifying account of scalar and vector potentialtheory using a common formalism. In the second part, the authorsdiscuss numerical methods for solving the integral equationformulations of practical problems, using their own extensive researchas a basis. The theory is illustrated by a wealth of numericalsolutions drawn from a variety of fields, including electrostatics,potential fluid flow, heat conduction, and the stretching and bendingof thin plates. An extensive list of references is provided, which alsocovers recent interesting numerical solutions of problems inthree-dimensional elastostatics.The book should be of direct use to engineers interested in a newapproach to and of the fields mentioned, and it would also be suitablefor postgraduates requiring a guide to this rapidly evolving subject.

Brebbia, C.A.and Walker, S. Boundary Element Techniques in Engineering 1980 Butterworths ISBN: 0 408 00340 5 The mathematics of the boundary element technique in a simplified form as well as applications of the BEM as presented. The book contains seven chapters which cover: boundary element method and weighted residuals method, direct and indirect formulations, flow of fluid around a cylinder between parallel plates, linear, quadrilateral and higher-order elements for 2-D potential problems, boundary elements for 3-D problems, boundary element method and solution of boundary value problems, 2-D problems of the theory of elasticity, time-dependent and non-linear problems, problem solutions in connection with the irregularity or nonhomogeneity (several regions).

Banerjee, P.K.and Butterfield, R. Boundary Element Methods in Engineering Science 1981 McGraw-Hill Book Company New York 452 pp ISBN: 0 07 084120 9 The book provides an introduction to the fundamentals of BEM, and demonstrates the power and versatility of the method in different areas of application. The book contains 15 chapters with the following topics: an introdcution to BEM, some 1-D problems, 2-D problems of steady state potential flow, 2-D problems of elastostatics, 3-D problems of steady state potential flow, 3-D problems in elasticity, problems of edges and corners, parametric representation of functions and geometry, transient potential flow (diffusion) problems, transient problems in elasticity, plate-bending problems, elastoplasticity, examples in fluid mechanics, combination of BEM with other numerical methods, and computer implementation of BEM (the program listing is included). Three appendices and an Index complete the book.

Kitahara, M.Boundary Integral Equation Methods in Eigenvalue Problems ofElastodynamics and Thin Plates1986Studies in Applied Mechanics - Vol 10Elsevier Science PublishersAmsterdam282 ppISBN: 0 444 42447 4This book contains two parts. The first one handles the analyticalformulation and numerical solution for 2-D problems of vibration andscattering. The second part considers the application of BIE methods tothe vibration and buckling characteristics of thin plates. The firstpart of the book consists of seven chapters, the second one of threechapters. Some topics treated: the basis of the application of integralequation methods to eigenvalue problems, the integral equationfo


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