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Gmod Acf Car Dupe

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Gmod Acf Car Dupe

How to Build and Share Your Own Gmod ACF Car Dupes

Garry's Mod (Gmod) is a sandbox game that lets you create and play with various physics-based objects and vehicles. One of the most popular features of Gmod is the ability to use Advanced Combat Framework (ACF) to build realistic and functional cars, tanks, planes and other machines.

ACF is a mod that adds engines, gearboxes, armor, guns and other components to Gmod. You can use these components to build your own custom vehicles and test them in different maps and scenarios. ACF also allows you to save and load your creations as dupes, which are files that contain all the information about your vehicle and its components.

Dupes are a great way to share your ACF creations with other players and showcase your skills and creativity. You can upload your dupes to websites like or, where other players can download them and use them in their own games. You can also browse and download dupes made by other players and see what they have created.

In this article, we will show you how to build and share your own Gmod ACF car dupes. We will cover the basics of ACF, how to use the duplicator tool, how to upload and download dupes, and some tips and tricks for making your dupes stand out.

What You Need to Build Gmod ACF Car Dupes

Before you start building your ACF car dupes, you will need to have the following things:

Garry's Mod: You can buy it on Steam for $9.99 or get it for free if you own any Source engine game.

ACF: You can download it from or subscribe to it on Steam Workshop.

Wiremod: You can download it from or subscribe to it on Steam Workshop. Wiremod is a mod that adds wires, logic gates, sensors, displays and other electronic devices to Gmod. You will need it to control your ACF components and make them work together.

Other addons: Depending on what kind of car you want to build, you may need other addons that add props, models, textures, sounds or effects to Gmod. For example, if you want to build a realistic car, you may need PHX3 or SProps for more prop choices. If you want to build a futuristic car, you may need Sci-Fi Props or Star Wars Props for more sci-fi models. You can find many addons on or Steam Workshop.

How to Use the Duplicator Tool

The duplicator tool is a tool that lets you copy and paste any object or group of objects in Gmod. You can use it to save your ACF car as a dupe file that you can load later or share with others.

To use the duplicator tool, follow these steps:

Select the duplicator tool from the tool menu (Q).

Left-click on any part of your ACF car to select it. You will see a blue outline around it.

Hold down Shift and left-click on any other parts of your ACF car that you want to include in the dupe. You can also hold down Ctrl and drag your mouse over multiple parts to select them at once.

Right-click anywhere on the map to copy the selected parts as a dupe.

Press R to clear the selection.

To load your dupe, right-click anywhere on the map again. You will see a preview of your dupe in green.

Move your mouse around to position your dupe where you want it. You can also use the scroll wheel to rotate it or hold down E and move your mouse up or down to change its height.

Left-click anywhere on the map to spawn your dupe.

How to Upload and Download Dupes

To upload your dupe file to, follow these steps:

Go to and sign in with your Steam account.

Click on Upload in the top right corner of the website. 248dff8e21