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Wifi Hack Bot V.5.0 Free Download !!HOT!! Mega

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At mode means when you plug in the usb your talkimg to the storage chip (the atmega, a relative of the attiny and I believe ones called an atmel...) there's a different mode also set with the dip switches to chanhe it to esp mode so your fiddling with the wifi stuff instead of the storage chip... hope that clears a bit up...

Don't be offended because this linknis for absolute beginners, but this page has a wealth of knowledge that rivals this place, and it'll link you to more and more advanced stuff, plus theres also links to their github where they have all kinds of sketches and libraries to download for arduino, rasp pi... Literally anything they sell they have tons of instructions, projects, and just troubleshooting. Plus if you can't figure out what ya doimg amd you post they usually actually will reply and either point you to it or go oh damn we don't have that, well get right on adding it. Love em. I order most of my tinkering stuff from them. Good prives, always ships fast and from the us(new york) and they are just neat people. All their info is free just because they feel everyone should habe access to all that information if they want it.(sorry fot ramblinh) -arduino

Hi!I m fairly new to Arduino environment,I wanted to know that what should be the DIP switch and tx selector switch config. for uploading the code to atmega chip directlyAlso, is it possible to use this board without the wifi thingy for the time being I.e., use it as a usual mega board 1e1e36bf2d


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