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If your viewing center isn't located in the far northern hemisphere, in December of 2017, you had a little more to contend with. HDMI 2.0 AV ports require backwards compatibility with digital audio, which simply wasn't available at that time. In an effort to rectify that, the original Epson 1080p projector came with HDMI 2.0a, which supports DTS-HD Master Audio. The 4010 remains HDMI 2.0 compatible, so you can enjoy movies with Dolby Atmos sound. Dolby Vision content will work with future HDR-capable content, but some material, such as The Dress Shop, was test-only when it was released. Since that time, the Dolby Vision standard has solidified. A handful of titles are in the pipeline, and more are in development.

Image - This has been an unheralded projector in the ever-growing home cinema market. The images it produces are excellent, and as stated above, it does some things very well indeed. But the lens shift and zoom range is limited in range and not adjustable on-screen. The presets available from the Menu system were designed with actual theater use in mind, so the "Bright Cinema" mode is too bright, and the "Cinema" mode is too dark. By contrast, "Natural" offers very accurate color and contrast. It's easy to set up for home-theater use, however. A simple calibration disc will yield fine results right out of the box. The image is bright enough to display full-length movies, although you'll need a source that's not quite bright enough to compete with the projector. 3d9ccd7d82


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