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How To Use Drywall Zip Strip

Tear away beads are designed for finishing the rough edges of drywall to provide a clean, smooth line at the edge of the board. You can use them to finish any spot where the edge of the drywall will be visible, such as around windows, at the edge of shower or bath enclosures, and even on decorative finishes like shadow beads.

How To Use Drywall Zip Strip

Green Zip Technology is a Movable and Removable Partition System that transforms non-loadbearing drywalls. The patented process allows for the installation of drywalls such that they can be removed, relocated and reused, in both new construction and renovation.

Business Week reports the manufacture of drywall alone accounts for 1% of all energy used by U.S. industry, and thus a comparable percentage of all industry carbon emissions2. An estimated 26% of the waste in a construction landfill is drywall3.

Green Zip patented technology allows non-load bearing drywall partitions to be removed, relocated and re-used in both new construction and renovation projects. This is an environmentally responsible and sustainable alternative to demolishing the interior space of buildings.

By changing the drywall tape on your project to Green Zip, depreciating the cost of non-load bearing walls can be significantly accelerated to create Cash Tax Benefits of $5 to $15+ per floor area square feet.

Green Zip Technology is a movable and removable drywall partition system and cash flow solution. The patented process allows for the installation of drywalls that can be removed, relocated, and reused, offering significant financial benefits and increased cash flow for investors in commercial and residential rental buildings.

Under US Tax laws and accounting rules, a cost segregation analysis identifies and reclassifies personal property assets from real property assets to shorten their depreciation time for tax reporting purposes; this reduces current income tax obligations. A cost segregation study is needed to determine the value of the assets, including demountable drywall partitions, which can be treated as personal property under the federal tax code and depreciated over a five-year period as opposed to 27.5 years for residential rental property or 39 years for commercial buildings. Green Zip does not perform Cost Segregation Studies; however, we are happy to recommend the very best ones. 350c69d7ab


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