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[S1E4] The Wrong End Of A Telescope


Anderson killed while jogging. She had been having an affair with Felix Garwood (whose wife Philippa was her academic supervisor), an astronomy professor, but Garwood had recently dumped her. She retaliated by knocking him off his bike in her blue Mini. Garwood later meets a violent end in his office filled with antique astronomical instruments, including a telescope that had previously belonged to Isaac Newton.

Burnham goes back to Ripper and feeds it more spores and apologizes. She goes back to her room to ponder and Tilly eventually arrives. She says everyone's talking about her. Burnham doesn't respond, and Tilly turns to the unopened container from Georgiou. She convinces her to open it, but leaves when there's still no response. Burnham decides to do so, and finds it is Georgiou's telescope.

"You have not changed an iota, Burnham. Your contrite words were insincere.""They were necessary.""I was wrong to question your place on the crew. You will fit in perfectly with Captain Lorca."

During the walk to the river you will be able to talk to Kenny. It does not matter which answer you choose in the next four dialogues, when the walkers pass you will reach the river. Kenny will remind you of what you said about his plan to look for a boat in the previous chapter, after that you will regain control over Lee so lets take a look around. Go to the left and Lee should automatically comment on the barricade built with the "help" of some walkers and if he doesn't, you can always look at it as well as the "material" it is made off. But do not try to shoot at the walkers go to the bottom of the screen, that is down to the river and then go along it to the left. Keep waking till you get to the telescope, try to use it but unfortunately, you need to insert a coin if you want it to work.

Go to the right side of the street, toward the car wrecks you can look at the trolley wreck and the car wreck. The newspaper dispenser should catch your eye. Try to open it and when you fail, now break it using the tool taken from the train. Having a coin in your pocket get back to the telescope and put it inside, you will be able to see a few things the river, a building, a bridge. Look all the way to the left, Lee will notice someone dressed in red that will start climbing down the building on the left, you and Kenny will hide behind the rail.

Chandler is going nuts about a woman he likes but won't return his phone calls. Although they've only gone out on one date, he's reluctant to show her how needy he is, and tries to play cool over the phone. When she comes over at the coffee house to meet him in person, she explains how she had his number wrong. Although the guys interpret this as a nice gesture, Chandler is unsure about a second date with her, as he thinks it's needy.

Meanwhile, someone named Sidney Marks is spying on the friends from Ugly Naked Guy's building with a telescope. When Joey gets the phone number, he discovers that Sidney is a woman. It only takes a few words over the phone for their rage to go away, as they find her compliments charming enough to hold a civil conversation with her. 59ce067264


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