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Project Brutality Hud Mods

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Project Brutality Hud Mods

How to Enhance Your Doom Experience with Project Brutality HUD Mods

If you are a fan of Doom and its brutal modding scene, you might have heard of Project Brutality, a standalone mod that adds new weapons, enemies, gore, and gameplay features to the classic shooter. Project Brutality is based on Brutal Doom, but has evolved into its own beast over the years. One of the ways you can customize your Project Brutality experience is by using HUD mods, which change the way you see information on your screen.

HUD stands for heads-up display, and it refers to the elements that show your health, armor, ammo, keys, and other vital stats. HUD mods can alter the appearance, position, size, and functionality of these elements, giving you more control over your interface. Some HUD mods also add new features, such as damage indicators, crosshairs, weapon selection menus, and more.

In this article, we will show you some of the best Project Brutality HUD mods that you can download and install to enhance your Doom experience. These mods are compatible with most versions of GZDoom and ZDoom, as well as Zandronum for multiplayer. However, some of them may require specific settings or patches to work properly with Project Brutality. We will provide links to the mod pages where you can find more information and instructions on how to use them.


One of the most popular Project Brutality HUD mods is HXRTC HUD[^1^], which offers a sleek and modern interface that adapts to different screen resolutions and aspect ratios. The HUD shows your health, armor, ammo, keys, inventory items, and weapon icons in a compact and stylish way. It also has a dynamic damage indicator that shows the direction and intensity of incoming attacks.

HXRTC HUD supports all three player classes in Project Brutality: Project Brutality mode, Classic Brutal Doom mode, and Traditional mode. It also has several options that you can customize in the mod menu, such as color scheme, transparency level, font size, and more. HXRTC HUD is updated regularly and works well with most versions of Project Brutality.

...Alternative HUD

Another Project Brutality HUD mod that you might want to try is Alternative HUD, which is a minimalist and elegant interface that shows only the essential information. The HUD has a simple bar that displays your health and armor, as well as a small ammo counter that changes color depending on the weapon you are using. The HUD also shows your keys and inventory items in a discreet way.

Alternative HUD is designed to work with any screen resolution and aspect ratio, and it has a few options that you can tweak in the mod menu, such as transparency level, bar style, and ammo color. Alternative HUD is compatible with Project Brutality, but it may require some adjustments to work with certain weapons or features.


If you are looking for a more immersive and complex HUD mod for Project Brutality, you might want to check out Doom RPG SE HUD, which is based on the Doom RPG mod that adds role-playing elements to Doom. The HUD shows your health, armor, ammo, keys, inventory items, and weapon icons in a detailed and colorful way. It also has a status bar that shows your level, experience, credits, and other stats.

Doom RPG SE HUD is compatible with Project Brutality, but it requires the Doom RPG SE mod to work properly. The HUD also has a lot of options that you can customize in the mod menu, such as color scheme, font size, icon style, and more. Doom RPG SE HUD is a great choice if you want to add some RPG flavor to your Project Brutality gameplay.

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